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The Right Way to Clean Your Skin - Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin

By SkinCareGuide

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and you need to take care of it. Below are some helpful tips to help you with you're the cleansing of your skin. For more tips and facts go to , you can even sing-up for a weekly email that will help you maintain, protect and improve your skin, hair and nails.

General Skin Care Cleansing Tips and Facts:

Make-Up Removal:

Take it off with the same care you used to put it on! It's important to take the time to thoroughly remove all makeup before going to bed to avoid breakouts and the possibility of an allergic reaction.

The Right Way to Dry Your Face:

Dry your face by patting it gently with a towel. Rubbing it briskly may irritate your skin and make it prone to dryness, redness or breakouts.

Rinse it Off:

Rinse well! After washing your skin, make sure you thoroughly rinse off all of the cleanser. If any is left on your skin, it may continue to cleanse, which can cause dryness or irritation.

Why Use a Skin Cleanser?:

Tap water alone will only remove around 65% of the dirt and oil on your skin. That's why skin cleansers were created. They work as emulsifiers to remove dirt, excess natural skin oils (called sebum), bacteria, cosmetics and exfoliated surface skin cells. To get the most out of your cleanser, choose one that's appropriate for your skin type like oily, dry or normal.

Use The Right Temperature:

Not too hot, not too cold. Use tepid water when washing your face. Water that's too hot can burn your skin or cause broken capillaries. Water that's too cold can cause the blood vessels to open excessively in an attempt to warm up your skin. Lukewarm water is the best choice.

Hand Washing 101:

Washing your hands correctly will help protect you against many bacteria and viruses. Start by washing your hands in warm water for at least 15 seconds. Using soap, rub your hands together vigorously, paying particular attention to the areas between your fingers and under your fingernails. Dry your hands with a clean dry towel. If you're in a public restroom, use paper towel to turn off the taps and open the door.

Cleansing Acne Prone Skin:

Acne cleansers remove accumulated oil, makeup, sweat and dirt from the surface of your skin. This makes it easier for your skin to absorb topical acne treatments. However, excessive use of acne cleansers can also lead to irritated and dry skin. Read the label and use acne cleansers only once or twice a day.

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