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Dermatology Glossary


Mild Cleanser Users - Description

Eczema, psoriasis or skin rashes:
Avoid all soaps (even beauty bars and moisturizing soaps) as they will dry your skin, damage your skin moisture barrier and may worsen your skin condition. Use only mild, soap-free, liquid cleansers. Emulsifying ointment/creams can be useful for those with eczema.

Several types of daily use skin cleansers are available for acne, but choose a mild cleanser if your skin is irritated or aggravated, by using using topical treatments. Oil-free and noncomedogenic products are best. Avoid over-cleansing your skin as this may irritate your skin which means using less of the topical medication and also encourages you to use heavier moisturizers, which can give rise to more acne.

Mild cleansers are best as the skin in this condition is easily irritated. Several types of gentle cleansers may be used for daily skin care. Take care not to over-cleanse your skin as irritation may increace the redness of the skin and worsen your skin condition. Perfume free products are advisable.

Seborrheic dermatitis (of the face):
Dry, scaly skin around the central forehead, nose and chin may indicate seborrheic dermatitis (facial dandruff). Using gentle cleansers will help you avoid exacerbating the condition or drying out the skin.

Sensitive or irritated skin:
If you have sensitive or irritated skin, avoid mechanical cleansers such as cleansing grains, brushes and loofahs. Your skin may also react to fragrances, preservatives and various surfactants. Look for synthetic detergents in mild liquid cleansers, which often have a pH balanced favourably for the skin.

Oily skin:
Choose products that rinse off well. Many cleansers appropriate for acne-prone skin are suitable for oily skin. As skin on the face, chest, and back is oilier than the rest of the body, it may be necessary to use one product on these areas, and a more moisturizing product on the arms, legs, hands, and feet.

Dry skin:
It is necessary to use mild cleansers in combination with frequent moisturizing. This is a must particularly in the cold season when the humidity is low.

Normal skin:
Most can cleanse with a bar of gentle soap daily, although mild cleansers work well for cosmetic removal.

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